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Our unique, patent-pending formula is a powerful, yet gentle non-probiotic supplement formulated to support proper digestion and the reduction of problematic yeast, such as Candida.


This combination of natural antioxidants and plant root extract work together to promote improved concentration, memory, mood and sleep for total mental wellness.


Our formula supports increased energy and stamina, reduced inflammation, healthy weight and a strong, healthy immune system.*

*This product contains yeast.



“Balance gives me steady energy all day…not the jittery coffee type of energy…
just a clear mind and the energy I need to get through a busy day.”

- K.W., Hoover, AL


“Yes, so much more than I was bargaining for!
Thank you for this ... I’m grateful!”

-J.P., Fort Pierce, FL

Right in the Gut:
The heart behind the science.

Right in the Gut Nutrition is a company founded on a passion for “total body health” through an understanding of medical science research. We focus on the central role of the gut-brain connection.  

The Western Diet contains sugars, starches and unhealthy fats that yeasts thrive on1,2.  Research has shown that some yeast cells can enter your body through the gut lining resulting in an inflammatory response and possibly, “leaky gut.”3,4 An inflammatory response over time is said to be chronic. Chronic inflammatory diseases include obesity, cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes and many more.

Our approach harnesses the power of your natural gut microbes to reduce total yeast. What you feed, you will grow. If you feed dead yeast to “yeast-eating” bacteria in the gut, you should lower total yeast levels. Unlike probiotic supplements, the yeast in our formula is dead and inactive, not living, growing and spreading! Along with powerful herbs and antioxidants to protect your brain, our products support a gentle, natural balance of the gut environment and a healthier and happier YOU!

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