The Science


• The human gut (intestines) is home to approximately 100 trillion microbes, including bacteria, archaea, yeast, parasites, and viruses.1

• Although most people think of bacteria as “germs” and therefore bad for your body most are actually beneficial because they digest your food, make healthful products, like vitamins, and help to keep your immune system working properly.

• When the population of microbes in your gut shifts and one type overgrows due to antibiotic use, certain prescription drug use or dietary and lifestyle choices, the result may be a gut “imbalance.”

• When people experience gut imbalance, they may notice weight gain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, lack of energy, poor mood, irritability, anxiety, trouble sleeping and much more.

Why take a “dead yeast” supplement?
Yeast is a normal commensal microbe in the human gastrointestinal tract. Studies show that Candida albicans yeast is the dominant species found living in the mouths of healthy individuals.2 Candida species are able to eat sugars and starches in your diet.3 More importantly, Candida is also able to switch shapes from an oval to a “long, pointy arm shape.”4 The yeast cell’s long “arm” has been shown to dig into the skin cells lining the intestines, making small holes.5 When this breach occurs, the immune system normally responds to the “intruder” in a process called inflammation. Candida yeast that dig into the gut lining can even evade our immune cells and escape into the body triggering more inflammation.6

In a normal, balanced gut the “good” bacteria keep the levels of yeast low by “eating” the yeast cell walls! The more “yeast eaters” present, the less yeast should be around to create an inflammatory response. Interestingly, people who suffer from obesity have been shown to have less of these good bacteria that are able to “eat” yeast.7,8 The idea behind our product is that if you consume dead yeast cells in your diet, you will increase the population of good microbes in your gut, thus lowering the total yeast numbers and hopefully, the body’s inflammatory response.9 


What does this have to do with my brain?

• Increasingly, studies are suggesting a strong gut-brain link.10 In other words, what is happening in the gut affects the brain and vice-versa.

• Commonly, if there is gut inflammation, there is also brain inflammation.

• When chemicals in the brain are not properly balanced, it is possible to experience depressed mood, anxiety/stress, brain fog, forgetfulness, poor sleep, obesity, and more.

• Growing beneficial gut microbes and taking proper care of your brain health with antioxidant and amino acid supplements is essential to your wellbeing.

Total Body Health

Total body health: The stress response

• The high levels of physical and psychological stress that most of us live with everyday can trigger a chronic “fight or flight” response and take a toll on our health.

• Studies show that when this fight or flight system is continuously turned on, feeding is increased, pain sensation is altered and our brain’s reward system is muted.11 These changes may play a role in obesity, drug-seeking or addiction behavior, and alcohol dependence.

• It is important to restore the body to a peaceful state so that we are not stuck in the “fight or flight” mode continuously.

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